Nice to meet you!

A bit about me, I like Pina Coladas (but I’m a little indifferent about walks in the rain).

For my 14th birthday, I desperately wanted an electric guitar but instead received my first SLR. Maybe my parents guessed I was never going to be rockstar or maybe they just weren’t into the noise, either way after finishing school I went on to spend 7 years in art school and working many random jobs including once working as a Chinese delivery driver.

Since graduating with a Masters in Fine Art & Design, I have worked in photo production and advertising (exhibiting my photography on the side).

If I were Oprah ( and I often wish I was)  my favourite things would be eating carbs, overusing exclamation marks and buying then reading art books, in my very particular way…which mainly involves looking at the pictures.

I grew up in Sydney, now live in Melbourne, but love to travel.

Now you know little bit about me, I’d love to know a bit about you!


Feel free to email me for more information at: info@rosebudphotography.com.au

If you'd like to chat please call: 0416 851 336

Look forward to hearing from you!

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